Few days bring forth happier memories than the First day of March.

Young or old, people love March first and its rich tradition of feasting, gift giving, singing, and wearing fancy hats.

Throughout the world March First is celebrated by many, as witnessed by this happy celebrant who is sitting on the Chair of Primacy while singing "I Love March First".


Parades are also prominent in March First celebrations.

The vehicle of choice is often beloved vintage Ford Mustangs, especially the Mach One .

While on parade, Marchfirstarians chant "March Forth on March First in a Mach One! MACH ON! " .

In many parts of the globe March First celebrations have become big business.

An interesting example is Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where the day generates $7 Billion for the local economy.

Native dishes of the region such as scrapple, cheese steak sandwiches, soft pretzles and Tasty Cakes have become encorporated into the festivities.

March First has had it's share of growing pains. In the dark days of the 1980's, the Quacking Duck Riots broke out one March First in the small Pennsylvania town of Hatboro.

The rioters were annoyed by Disco music and expressed their displeasure in odd displays throughout the region including single-file marches around houses in neighboring Upper Southampton Township.

As a result of the experience the borough of Hatboro passed an ordinance against being weird within the borough boundaries. The town has been peaceful since this action and the March First celebration has flourished.

In the days to come we plan to add additional information about this fabulous holiday.

We hope to include traditions that have sprung up and grown with March First .

Natives of the region favor such things as huge spaghetti sauce containers and intricate cereal bowls they stare into for hours. Who knows what elements will become encorporated into the festivities in the new millennium.

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